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Toddler Belt


                  Toddler Belt, More Than A Fashion Statement?

Yes,  toddler belts are more than a fashion statement.

The next time you hit the playground or day care with your little one, take a look around at the toddlers playing there.  You’ll see some with round bellies, some that are slim, some with stocky legs, others weighed down by bulky diapers.  Just like adults, kids don’t come in one size.  However, manufacturers of kids clothes haven’t seemed to realize this yet.  Most clothing for toddlers comes in a single size that slides off of kids of all sizes.  Finding outfits where the pant legs are long enough and the waist fits is difficult no matter what size your baby is.  In addition, pants that fall down are a safety issue, because little ones who have only recently mastered walking can easily trip when pants fall down during playtime.

What you may not realize is that there is a great selection of toddler-sized belts available to help your kids clothes fit properly.  Versions in cloth, leather, and nylon come in a wide variety of colors to match any outfit.  Many styles come in kid-friendly versions that are easy for even the littlest hands to fasten and unfasten when needed.  If your toddler is in the potty training stage, consider a belt that closes with either Velcro or snaps.  This will keep pants in place while making it easy for your child to remove the belt when it’s time to go potty.  For younger children who like to squirm out of their clothes at times, try a version that buckles which will reduce their ability to take off  their pants. 

Just like adults, kids will enjoy using belts as a fun accessory to add personality to clothing.  If your daughter is a little princess, try finding belts in fun colors like pink and purple to allow her to select one that will enhance her outfit.  For little boys, it can be fun to pick a belt that makes him look just like daddy when he gets dressed.  No matter how old your child is, a belt that helps pants fit will be a welcome addition to their wardrobe, as well as a lifesaver for adults!


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Toddler Belts- What's Important To Consider Before Purchasing?

If you are in the market for a toddler belt, there are a few important factors which you should consider. First and foremost, of course, is the safety of your child. One essential determinant here is that any materials used in the manufacturing process should be lead free. In addition to safety, adjustability and durability are also worth consideration. Often, Velcro is used to ensure that a belt for young children remains fully adjustable.

Even if Velcro is used to make sure your toddler belt is adjustable, it is still important that the other materials utilized make it durable, as well. Toddlers in particular require more durability in their belts than even most grown-ups. As a result, most of them are made with additional reinforcement for added stability, particularly around the area of the buckle. Speaking of buckles, a military-style buckle on nylon is a very popular combination, especially for male toddlers.

Belts for either boys or girls often utilize a popular double “D” style buckle, as well. The color combinations and designs used in these belts, regardless of materials, are often quite whimsical. Flames, skulls, peace signs, stars, fairies and more, have adorned children's belts made from every material available. Custom monogramming is quite common on them, also. In fact, it is not uncommon especially if it's for a girl, to be adorned with rhinestones.

In conclusion, the important factors that must be considered when purchasing toddler belts are; it must be free of lead, fully adjustable, well made and durable and of course exhibits your personal style preference. Whatever kind of toddler belt you and your child are in the market for, you certainly can find one that will be the perfect fit and the perfect look for you.

                          Belts for Toddlers A Great Accessory! 

Belts for Toddler...Who says fashion is only for adults?  Whoever decided that statement to be true obviously hasn’t realized the amount of options available for children!

For instance, fashion belts for toddlers have become a hot commodity in the clothing industry.  With the different styles that are offered; it’s hard to choose!  However, the easiest way is to base it off of your particular fashion preference. 
One of the fastest growing characteristics in the belt world is Western.  It is known for the detailed design and rustic color that stands out.  Most of the western belts offered include a unique buckle that can be switched out at your leisure.  There are different types of western belts for kids to choose from.  In fact, some have 3-D designs that stand out while others are completely smooth.  And, of course, there are patterns specifically constructed for girls and boys.  The most popular belts for girls are typically pink; though others are found with unicorn or heart designs that can be utilized as well.  To make it even more specialized, some are found with rhinestones and jewels to accent the outfit making it perfect for little girls. 

As for boys, most can be found in blue or black and have different features to highlight the belt.  For instance, many have the silhouette of a bull or sports theme that appeals to all personal preferences.  However, there is a wide variety available for unisex that feature rustic colors such as brown, black, and red.  Each one has a special western design to accent any outfit. 
Even with the gorgeous belts for toddlers available, the best accent a western style can offer are the belt buckles.  Especially for children, there are small and large buckles with different designs.  One of the cutest things to see is a child wearing a belt that has a unique buckle that stands out.  Due to their tiny frame, a typical belt specifically designed for adults will not fit properly on a child. 

So, the next time you’re looking at belts for toddlers; make sure to find one that suits your child’s personality.  It’s a great way to express it!

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